How Social Media can help grow your business

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Social Media has tremendous potential to grow your business in Winnipeg and beyond. Spencer Fernando Consulting can show you how to make Social Media work for you.

Advertising has changed. The reach and effectiveness of TV and Radio is declining as audiences fragment and increasingly consume entertainment online. That means your advertising efforts have to change to reach your customers. And with your customers increasingly using social media and viewing ads online, that’s where your ads need to be.

Social Media Facts: How Social Media Advertising can help your business

The Benefits of Facebook Advertising:

  • Focused Targeting: Facebook not only tracks what potential customers view on their website, they can also track what people look at on other websites. For example, if you sell T-Shirts in Winnipeg, Facebook can track Winnipeg Facebook users who searched for T-Shirts on Facebook and online. Then, we can design an ad that is delivered directly to those potential customers. The options for targeting potential customers are almost endless.
  • A Massive and Growing Mobile Audience: The use of smartphones is increasing every day. Over 800 million people use Facebook on a daily basis, and there are 700,000 active Facebook users in Manitoba – increasingly using mobile devices. Facebook advertising gives you access to that growing audience.
  • Name Recognition & Brand Awareness: With Facebook users checking their news feed regularly, you have a chance to get your brand in front of people repeatedly – growing your potential market. Every person who sees your logo and brand is another potential customer.
  • Detailed Analytics: Facebook provides detailed statistics to show the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns. The statistics are updated multiple times per hour, and you can stop ads at any time, and no more spending takes place until you choose to start them again. This means we can make adjustments mid-campaign to ensure your ads are performing as well as possible. This is a clear contrast from TV and Radio ads, as neither offer you the quick statistical updates or the ability to pause quickly.
  • Increasing Ad Effectiveness: Facebook is constantly refining and improving their advertising system. As a result, click-through rates (percentage of people who click on an ad after seeing it), are improving. Facebook Advertising click-through rates are up 50% year over year.

Did you know?

  • According to Brand Watch, there are over 40 million active small business pages, but only 2 million of those businesses pay for advertising? That is a huge potential market for you to tap into.
  • Of all social logins by consumers visiting company websites and applications, Facebook accounts for 62%. This is where many of your potential customers are, and you need to be active on Facebook to reach them.

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